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Our Story

Taffspeed, ''Passion & Innovation'' 

Taffspeed, heritage started in 1979, when Terry and Ian Frankland aka the ‘Terrible Taffs started tuning and racing Vespa and Lambretta Scooters.

The Frankland Brothers had been involved in tuning and racing Vespa and Lambretta scooters from the early 1970's. There experience gained during that period enabled them to start one of Britain's leading shops for scooter tuning, spares and accessories.

​In May 1983 ​Ian and Terry Frankland, the founders of the firm started their first retail shop (Taffspeed Racing ) on Corporation Road, Newport, South Wales with the aim of supplying spares and tuning services for scooter riders.


Out of their passion for tuning fast scooters the Taffspeed brand was born and after years of racing scooters on the race track a range of racing scooter products was developed for race track and road use.

The Taffspeed Racing range of products included, Lambretta Hydraulic Disc Brake Conversions, Road & Track Performance Cylinder Kits, Taffspeed Modified Racing Crankshafts, TS1 225cc Reed Valve Special, Zirri Reverse Cylinder Watercooled / Liquid Cooled Kits, Water Cooled Racing Kits, Disc Valve Induction, Taffspeed Malossi Specials, Heavy Duty Rear Suspension Springs, Taffspeed Shock Absorbers, 8 Plate Clutches and the famous range of Taffspeed Racing Exhausts for Vespa & Lambretta Scooters.

In 1994 Taffspeed were the first company in South Wales to purchased a Dynojet Rolling Road Dynamometer for the purpose of speeding up the R & D side of the business.

In June 2004 sadly Terry Frankland passed away.

Terry (Turbo) Frankland was a major part of the R&D side of the business and the knowledge that he gained from his involvement in scooter race tuning is still being passed on to our scooter customers today.


In 2010 Ian Frankland went into hospital for a triple heart bypass operation. So he mothballed the business for his convalescence and after 3 years had passed In 2013 Ian started back to work doing what he loved best tuning Vespa and Lambretta Scooters.

​In 2014 Ian Frankland contacted local businessman Sean Rafferty and he asked him if he would he continue the legacy of the Taffspeed brand and keep the name Taffspeed above the shop door. In July 2014 Sean Rafferty purchased the Taffspeed brand.

On the 12th May 2018 sadly Ian Frankland passed away. this marked an end of an era for the tuning and racing side of the business known as Taffspeed Racing.

In 2019 the Taffspeed brand was modernised and brought up to date and the trading name was changed from Taffspeed Racing to Taffspeed Scooter Parts this coincided with the launch of the new website


Taffspeed Scooter Parts, mission is to be the leading mail order shop for Vespa, Lambretta, Royal Alloy, Piaggio & Gilera Scooter Parts and Accessories. We also offer a full range of equipment for scooter riders, such as cylinders, exhaust systems, carburettors and intake manifolds, crankshafts, ignitions and batteries, clutches, transmissions, disc brakes, rims, tyres, shock absorbers, mudguards and side panels, mirrors, speedometers, levers, cables, badges, seats, luggage racks, lights and electrics, tools, oil, lubricants, helmets, clothing and books.

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