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Thread type:M14x1,25
Length spark plug thread:19 mm
Thread spark plug:long
Wrench size:21 mm
Electrode material:Nickel
Electrode type:



B6ES - long reach / town and city use / for a standard engine.


B7ES - long reach / town and city use / for a standard engine 


B8ES - long reach / local and distance use / for a standard or midly tuned engine. 


B9ES - long reach / competition or distance travelling use / for a tuned engine. 


B10ES - long reach / competition or full race use / for a high tuned engine / sidecar use. 

Spark plugs with a 'BR' denomination have a built-in resistance and are designed for use with delicate electronic equipment (such as SIP rev counter / speedo units). 

Spark plugs with a 'HS' denomination are SHORT reach versions (usually utilised for early pre-S1 Lambretta models manufactured between 1947-'57).

Lambretta models that use a SHORT REACH spark plug are: A + B + C / LC + D / LD + E /F + Lambrettino 48.

Lambretta models that use a LONG REACH spark plug are: S1 + S2 + S3 + GP / DL + J (all versions) + Lui Vega Cometa + Serveta.


NGK copper core spark plugs deliver increased heat dissipation for more reliable starts and reduced risk of overheating.


Colder spark plugs are suitable for racing cylinders and use over long distances. In this context, the sound thermal output of heat to the cylinder head takes place, there is a risk of sooting, however.


Hotter spark plugs are used in sport and standard cylinders. The reach their operating temperature quickly but can also overheat.

Most spark plugs for scooters have a M14x1.25 SW 20.8 thread and are either long thread (19mm) or short thread (12.7mm). Please note: putting a long thread spark plug in a short thread cylinder head will damage the piston.



    Product fits the following vehicles :-

    Fits the following vehicles

    Lambretta (Eibar) LI 125 (series 2)
    Lambretta (Eibar) LI 150 (series 2)
    Lambretta (Eibar) TV 175 (series 2)
    Lambretta (Innocenti) LI 125 (series 1)
    Lambretta (Innocenti) LI 150 (series 1)
    Lambretta (Innocenti) TV 175 (series 1)
    Lambretta (Innocenti) LI 125 (series 2)
    Lambretta (Innocenti) LI 150 (series 2)
    Lambretta (Innocenti) TV 175 (series 2)
    Lambretta (Innocenti) GP 125 (DL 125)
    Lambretta (Innocenti) GP 150 (DL 150)
    Lambretta (Innocenti) GP 200 (DL 200)
    Lambretta (Innocenti) LI 125 (series 3)
    Lambretta (Innocenti) LI 150 (series 3)
    Lambretta (Innocenti) LI 125 Special (LIS 125)
    Lambretta (Innocenti) LI 150 Special (LIS 150)
    Lambretta (Innocenti) SX 150 (X 150 Special)
    Lambretta (Innocenti) SX 200 (X 200 Special)
    Lambretta (Innocenti) TV 175 (series 3)
    Lambretta (Innocenti) TV 200 (GT 200)
    Lambretta (Innocenti) J 100 (Cento)
    Lambretta (Innocenti) J 125
    Lambretta (Innocenti) J 50
    Lambretta (Innocenti) Lui 50 (50 C, 50 CL, Luna)
    Lambretta (Innocenti) Lui 75 (75 S, 75 SL, Vega, Cometa)
    Lambretta (Innocenti) J 125 (4-speed)
    Vespa (Motovespa) Vespa 200 DS (engine 9DS)
    Vespa (Motovespa) Vespa 200 DN (engine 9DN)
    Vespa (Motovespa) PX 200 Iris (engine 73M)
    Vespa (Motovespa) PX 200 Iris (engine 76M)
    Vespa (Motovespa) PX 200 Iris (engine 77M)
    Vespa (Motovespa) TX 200
    Lambretta (Serveta) Jet 200
    Lambretta (Serveta) Lince 125
    Lambretta (Serveta) Lince 150
    Lambretta (Serveta) Lince 200
    Lambretta (Serveta) Special 125
    Lambretta (Serveta) Special 150
    Lambretta (Serveta) Scooterlinea 125
    Lambretta (Serveta) Scooterlinea 150
    Lambretta (Serveta) Scooterlinea 175
    Lambretta (Serveta) Scooterlinea 200
    Lambretta (SIL) GP 125
    Lambretta (SIL) GP 150
    Lambretta (SIL) GP 200
    Vespa Cosa 150 CL (VLR1T)
    Vespa Cosa 150 CLX (VLR1T300)
    Vespa Cosa 150 FL (VLR2T)
    Vespa Cosa 200 CL (VSR1T)
    Vespa Cosa 200 CLX (VSR1T300)
    Vespa Cosa 200 FL (VSR1T301)
    Vespa PX 200 EFL (VSX1T, 1984-1997)
    Vespa PX 200 E (VSX1T, 1981-1983)
    Vespa (Piaggio) PX 200 EFL (ZAPM18, 1998-)

    Models: Lambretta S1, Lambretta S2, Lambretta TV2, Lambretta S3, Lambretta Special, Lambretta SX, Lambretta TV3, Lambretta GP, Lambretta Serveta, Lambretta J, Lambretta Luna - Vega.

    Lambretta: DL 125, DL 150, DL 200,

    Lambretta J 125,

    Lambretta LI 125, LI 150, LI 175, TV 175

    Vespa: PX 200, PX 200 Lusso, Rally 200

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