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3-PIN 6VOLT - 12VOLT, 10W - 21WATT AC

Type: 12v 3 Pin 10/21W AC.



FITS PK S, PK XL, PK XL2, PX EFL 1984 onwards

Piaggio195703, 163968, 163497, 213594, 1957035


Blue Flasher Relay for all Vespa with alternating current (AC) onboard power supply, perfect for all PX/PK Lusso models.

It has 3 connections:


  • C (Green dot) = Alternating current input
  • L1 (White dot) = Clocked current output
  • L2 (Red dot) = Clocked current output


The current is alternately clocked on L1 and L2. Thus the alternate clocking of the front and rear turn signals is achieved. The sense behind it is to reduce the on-board load to a minimum so that the turn signals are still properly clocked even when idling (with little voltage from the alternator).

TIP: Due to the electronic control of the turn signal it is also perfectly suitable for handlebar end turn signals or similar.


In contrast to a mechanically controlled relay (such as the round DC sheet metal relays of the old PX models), turn signals with less load (e.g. if only 10W bulbs are used) are then also clocked.

The turn signal switch is then simply connected to L1. L2 can, but does not have to, serve as an output for a flasher control lamp.


  • Fits the following vehicles

    Fitment Chart
    VESPA 50 - PK50S     
    VESPA 50 - PK50XL     
    VESPA 100 - PK100S     
    VESPA 100 - PK100XL     
    VESPA 125 - P125ETS     
    VESPA 125 - P125X 1978-1981 
    VESPA 125 - PK125S     
    VESPA 125 - PX125E 1981-1984 
    VESPA 125 - PX125E DISC 1998 ON     
    VESPA 125 - PX125EFL 1984-1997     
    VESPA 125 - T5 125 1986-1990     
    VESPA 125 - T5 125 CLASSIC 1991-2000     
    VESPA 150 - P150X 1978-1981     
    VESPA 150 - PX150E 1981-1984     
    VESPA 200 - P200E 1978-1981     
    VESPA 200 - PX200E 1981-1984 
    VESPA 200 - PX200E DISC 1998 ON     
    VESPA 200 - PX200EFL 1984-1997

    LML 125 (2 stroke)
    LML 125 Deluxe (2 stroke)
    LML 125 DLX (2 stroke)
    LML 125 Stella (2 stroke)
    LML 125 Via Toscana
    LML 150 Belladonna (2 stroke)
    LML 150 Belladonna RV (2 stroke)
    LML 150 DLX (2 stroke)
    LML 150 Star (2 stroke)
    LML 150 Via Toscana (2 stroke)
    Vespa (Motovespa) PK 125 S (engine 56M)
    Vespa (Motovespa) PK 125 S elestar Eng 66M
    Vespa (Motovespa) PK 125 XL (engine 97M)
    Vespa (Motovespa) PK 125 XL E (engine 100M)
    Vespa (Motovespa) PK 75 S (engine 57M)
    Vespa (Motovespa) PK 75 S elestar (engine 67M)
    Vespa (Motovespa) PK 75 S junior (engine 67M)
    Vespa (Motovespa) PK 75 XL (engine 96M)
    Vespa (Motovespa) PK 75 XL E (engine 104M)
    Vespa (Motovespa) PX 125 Iris (engine 99M)
    Vespa (Motovespa) PX 150 Iris (engine 75M)
    Vespa (Motovespa) PX 200 Iris (engine 73M)
    Vespa (Motovespa) PX 200 Iris (engine 76M)
    Vespa (Motovespa) PX 200 Iris (engine 77M)
    Vespa (Motovespa) PX 125 T5 Sport Elestart Eng 108M
    Vespa (Motovespa) PX 125 T5 Sport (engine 98M)
    Vespa (Motovespa) TX 200
    Vespa (Piaggio) PK 50 XL2 (V5N1T)
    Vespa (Piaggio) PK 50 XL2 HP (V5N2T)
    Vespa (Piaggio) PK 50 XL2 automatica (V5P2T)
    Vespa (Piaggio) PK 50 SS (V5S1T)
    Vespa (Piaggio) PK 50 XLS (V5S2T)
    Vespa (Piaggio) PK 50 S (V5X2T)
    Vespa (Piaggio) PK 50 S Lusso (V5X2T)
    Vespa (Piaggio) PK 50 XL (V5X3T)
    Vespa (Piaggio) PK 50 XL Rush (V5X4T)
    Vespa (Piaggio) PK 50 N (V5X5T)
    Vespa (Piaggio) PK 50 XL2 (V5X3T)
    Vespa (Piaggio) PX 80 E FL (V8X1T, 1983-)
    Vespa (Piaggio) PX 80 E FL Elestart (V8X1T 1984-1990)
    Vespa (Piaggio) PK 80 S (V8X5T)
    Vespa (Piaggio) PK 80 S automatica (VA81T)
    Vespa (Piaggio) 125 PX E FL (2017-, ZAPM74100)
    Vespa (Piaggio) 150 PX E FL (2017-, ZAPM74200)
    Vespa (Piaggio) 125 PX E FL (2016-, ZAPM74100) 
    Special Edition "70 years"
    Vespa (Piaggio) 150 PX E FL (2016-, ZAPM74200) 
    Special Edition "70 years"
    Vespa (Piaggio) Cosa 150 CL (VLR1T)
    Vespa (Piaggio) Cosa 150 CLX (VLR1T300)
    Vespa (Piaggio) Cosa 150 FL (VLR2T)
    Vespa (Piaggio) PX 150 E FL (VLX1T, 1984-1997)
    Vespa (Piaggio) PK 125 ETS (VMS1T)
    Vespa (Piaggio) PK 125 S (VMX5T)
    Vespa (Piaggio) Cosa 125 CL (VNR1T)
    Vespa (Piaggio) Cosa 125 CLX (VNR1T300)
    Vespa (Piaggio) Cosa 125 CLX (VNR1T301)
    Vespa (Piaggio) PX 125 E FL (VNX2T, 1984-1997)
    Vespa (Piaggio) PX 125 T5 (VNX5T)
    Vespa (Piaggio) Cosa 200 CL (VSR1T)
    Vespa (Piaggio) Cosa 200 CLX (VSR1T300)
    espa (Piaggio) Cosa 200 FL (VSR1T301)
    Vespa (Piaggio) PX 200 E FL (VSX1T, 1984-1997)
    Vespa (Piaggio) PX 125 E FL (ZAPM09300, 1998-2000)
    Vespa (Piaggio) PX 125 E FL (ZAPM09302, 2001-)
    Vespa (Piaggio) PX 150 E FL (ZAPM09400, 1998-2000)
    Vespa (Piaggio) PX 150 E FL (ZAPM09401, 2001-)
    Vespa (Piaggio) PX 200 E FL (ZAPM18, 1998-)
    Vespa (Piaggio) PK 50 HP (V5N2T, 3-speed)
    Vespa (Piaggio) PK 50 HP (V5N2T, 4-speed)
    Vespa (Piaggio) PK 50 S automatic (VA51T)

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